The Greatest Showman 

20th Century Fox launched the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience to promote its upcoming musical film The Greatest Showman“Come Alive,” produced, shot and directed by SunnyBoy Entertainment. The 360-degree experience places viewers in an action-packed, songful spectacle alongside Hugh Jackman, who plays the ringmaster P.T. Barnum, as they explore the musical action throughout the making of The Greatest Showman. From emerging on the film’s set while shooting, to private choreography rehearsals and interviews with Jackman, viewers are invited to join the cast, and be fully immersed in the production of the circus performance that brought show business to life. We worked with the cast and crew of the Greatest Showman for over four months in New York City to capture the footage for this immersive experience. 

Directed and Produced by: Travis Graalman
Creative Directors: Craig S. Phillips and Harold Hayes, Jr. 
Produced By: Kevin Shah and Lara Hoefs
Cinematography: Marcus Johannes
Edited By: Travis Graalman
Spatial Sound Design: Spacewalk Sound

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