IT: Escape from Pennywise

The next chapter of the IT VR Universe is IT: Escape from Pennywise. This interactive VR experience takes you inside the Neibolt house and allows you to choose multiple doors to determine your fate as you come face-to-face with Pennywise.  SunnyBoy executed the production shooting both on the set of the film in Toronto and in Los Angeles with talent from the film including Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) and Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott).  We created all of the VFX, Interactivity and Spatial Sound Design in house.  

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Written By: Zak Forsman, Craig S. Phillips & Harold Hayes Jr. 
Directed By: Craig S. Phillips & Harold Hayes, Jr. 
VFX Supervisor: Yomi Adenuga & Keith Webster
Lead Programmer: Ethan Stickley
Edited By: Zak Forsman & Wil Granaderos
Produced By: Lara Hoefs & Kevin Shah
Sound Design: Spacewalk Sound
Cinematography: Marcus Johannes, Pedro Luque