Escape The Night

SunnyBoy worked with director Lex Halaby,  Google's Daydream team and WEVR to create this cinematic promo for the YouTube Original hit series "Escape The Night". Starring YouTube's biggest creators, the promo centers on a series of "frozen moments" that seamlessly blending together live action and CGI objects. Shot entirely from a Technocrane, the spot allows the viewer to float through a gravity defying dream world.

The spot utilizes Google Daydream's new VR180 format, allowing for twice the resolution and more lifelike 3D.  SunnyBoy produced along with Halaby and did all VFX elements in house.  CGI objects were built, textured, and lit for our environments before being 3D tracked into the scenes and rendered in equirectangular format.

This piece was featured by Google at Adobe Max 2018 and named by Forbes as one of the top 15 VR Videos of 2018.


Immersive, AllMoov Labs